Mobiles & Accessories

       Simple, secure & complete solution to manage Mobiles integrated with IMEI Numbers, serial numbers, and model numbers. VenXMart is a perfect stock inventory solution for all categories of mobile and accessories.

       Solution loaded with unique IMEI number management, quick access of history details. It handles product age/type based sales staff incentive, rapid liquidation of non-moving stocks, calculation of accurate landing costs to fix margins etc.

Every Mobile shop product has its own serial number and IMEI number. VenXMart will maintain its stock inventory according to serial number and IMEI number. Any mobile product can get the details by scanning the IMEI Number on that. more...

Serial number wise stock inventory and sale.
Scan the IMEI number and do the sale bill.
Shortcut formats are also available to avoid scanner. (i.e. manually you can enter IMEI number by typing “*2562” (last 4 digits) will pick up the IMEI number.
History reports for items by entering serial number.
Stock age calculation with serial numbers.
Vendor returns with serial numbers for non moving items.
Discount promotions can apply to particular serial number.
Customer Order Management in VenXMart has given in a beautiful way. Customer can place an order for required items in advance. We can take the advance payment and mobile number from the customer in order management screen. From this customer order management you can assign the order to someone and track the finished/ready status of the order. An Automated SMS can send to the customer when his order is ready at the stores. At last order will be delivered to customer. The complete order management track will be available at any point of time. more...

The complete order management with commitment dates, assigned date, ready date and delivered date.
Maximum number of commitments for day can be restricted.
Home delivery provision.
Daily order processing status report.
Daily order delivering status report.
Pending orders reports.
Order age reports.
Order cancellation.
Order status report whenever customer requires.
Can raise the sale bill according to the order slip.
Products can be purchased as components and assembled to sell. You can also buy them as a KIT and sell them as independent components. These two processes can be handled easily with accuracy in inventory. Product history track will not be disturbed after this. more...

Assemble multiple products as a Kit and assign the different barcode for that. (Kit Management).
Buy a product as a kit and break it as independent components.
Multi pack offers can declare.
Stock inventory as a kit or independent components.
History of kit management.
Exchange offers can be promoted to customers from this module. Selling the product on exchange offer can be set. Certain refund amount will be deducted from the bill. Old goods stock will be maintained separately from the main stock inventory. more...

Exchange offers can be automated.
Stock inventory for old goods.
Buy Back sale analysis.
Graphical representation of Sales Analysis gives you a more control over your inventory. Dash board functionalities are given in the software to view sales data graphically. Its warehouse management functionality gives you hourly basis sales analysis on every branch or outlet. more...

Fast moving and slow moving items report.
Profit analysis reports for top management.
Inward and outward sales reports.
Reports for whole sale and retail sales.
Attribute wise sales analysis. (ex. Size wise, color wise movements)
Range wise sales analysis. (Ex. 500 to 1000 range sales, 1000 to 1500 range sales etc..)
Promotional sales reports.
Vendor wise sales reports.
Purchaser wise sales reports.
Sale history reports.
Daily, monthly, yearly sale progress reports with charts.
Brand wise sales reports.
Tax wise sales reports.
Sales man commission based sales reports.
Branch or outlet wise sales reports.
Department wise sales reports.
Sale with discount and sale against discount reports.
Gives you to maintain multiple outlets/branches and maintain centralized database at warehouse. Centralized purchase, centralized promotions and centralized data management gives you to generate various reports on outlet management. Each and every server in the outlet shop communicates with the central server and updates the data in every minute. You can generate the hourly based reports on by sitting in the warehouse itself. VenXMart Online updater will taking care of all updates related outlet and warehouse by communicating each other without any manual interference. more...

Outlet wise hourly sales reports.
Transfer of stock from warehouse to outlet/ branch can be done based on sales happened at the outlet.
Outlet wise graphical representation of reports.
Centralized purchase.
Centralized stock transfers for outlets or franchises.
Indent management for different outlets and analyze stock requirement.
Stock dispatch alerts for different outlets.
Stock Inward check at outlet level.
Automated brand promotions at outlet level.
Reporting features gives an easiest way to generate various reports in different modules. Its user defined formats makes you to select your own report. From every user defined report screen user can generate more than 200+ reports. Searching, Filtering and Grouping of report data is very much simplified and makes you to generate all kinds of reports in a finger tips. more...

Grouping, Filtering and searching are given to user level.
Cross tab reporting formats given.
Charts are given to represent the data graphically.
Security management will apply on sensitive areas i.e., stock reports does not access to all users.
VenXMart Touch POS Billing system is growing very fast in today’s business environment. Make the bill very fast and graphical representation of items in the screen helps operator to easily navigate. Whatever operator wants he can quickly access there itself. VenXMart created its touch screen billing system with high security and flexibility. No need to remind the codes of any item and no need to search the items. more...

Very User Friendly Touch POS Billing system.
No need to use the keyboard.
Beautifully designed touch screen content attract the operator and feel free to work.
Its Colorful interface with your shop logo promotes your brand to customers.
Images can be displayed for every item.